Drama As Wife Flogs Sidechic After Catching Her With Husband (Video)



An angry wife has confronted her husband’s sidechic after catching them cheating.


The wife was seen flogging the sidechic mercilessly during the encounter that lasted for minutes.


However, her husband was seen trying to protect the sidechic.


It was gathered that the woman who had been suspecting the man, caught the two red-handed in the act before showing her anger.


Watch video below:


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Make the man for hold he wife 😂 he Dey hold the side chick make d wife flog her wella 😂 😂 😂 very funny 😄



😂 but the man is useless oh shuuuuu, u carry sidechick come ur house make ur wife for kill her and d way the man Dey tie the girl make he wife for kill her is just too funny 😂 instead of him to take d cane from his wife he Dey hold the innocent girl down make d wife kill her….


And the woman is also stupid as well for flogging the innocent girl instead of flogging her husband dat went out to pay money to have fun u are protecting him and killing someone’s child, ogwu Dey kill you Abi.



O di egwu! Not her husband holding his visitor down to be well positioned for lashes. It’s obvious he would receive his ration later one way or the other.



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