Drama As Man Asks Lady To Wash Off Her Heavy Makeup On First Date (Video)



A video has captured the moment a Nigerian man who went on a first date with a lady asked her to wash off her makeup for him to see her natural face.


The video, which has now become a viral sensation on TikTok, opens with the introduction of a Nigerian couple embarking on their first blind date.

As the awkwardness of the initial encounter gives way to conversation, it becomes evident that the man, standing before his date, was far from impressed by the woman’s makeup, which was well-applied.

The man chose to address the situation head-on, making an unusual and perhaps audacious request – he asked her to wash off her makeup so that he could see her “true beauty.”

This unexpected proposal left the woman taken aback, and the atmosphere grew palpably tense.

The woman defended her makeup as an expression of her personal style, asserting that it was not a mask to conceal imperfections but rather a means of enhancing her natural features.

As the video continued to capture their interactions, it became increasingly clear that there was a lack of romantic or interpersonal connection between the two individuals

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@official_king_dera Blind date (part 65) #blinddating #fyp #fypシ #trendingvideo #viral ♬ original sound – King👑 Dera🤴

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akeenah ahuoyiza reacted: “Wash her see who say make dey makeup, wear jersey dey come blind date.”

Midex63737 commented: “She’s super intelligent ..thumps up for her, please.”

Abidemi samuel911 wrote: “See guy commanding a lady he’s meeting for the first time.”

Asɛðɛho said; “Why must she wash her face?! On what level? You be her husband?”

Chinasalaw said; “Correct babe am proud of you. The sisterhood are proud of u. Thanks for been you.”

Kennie Davids said; “Lady run for your life #red flad, red flag, red flag.”




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