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Particulars: Love, rivalry and laugh takes the lead in this hilarious drama featuring Apa, Sidi, Okele, Sanyeri and Yemi Elesho, Londoner. Two men (Apa & Sanyeri) find themselves entangled in a chaotic love triangle for the affection of a lady (Sidi) leading to a series of misadventures, unforeseen alliances and a side-splitting quest that holds a life.
In this video, we’ll be watching Mosudi Giriwo 2 which is a recent Yoruba movie. This movie is 2023 comedy and features Sidi, Apa, Sanyeri, and Londoner. Laide Oyedeji also stars in this movie.

If you’re a fan of Yoruba movies, then you’ll want to watch this movie! Mosudi Giriwo 2 has hilarity and heart all rolled into one, making it a great watch for all. With amazing acting and a clever plot, this movie is sure to entertain. So check it out and enjoy!

Starring: Sidi |Apa |Sanyeri |Okele |Londoner |Laide Oyedeji

Get pleasure from this distinctive Movie.


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