Details Of President Tinubu’s Meeting With UN Envoy Emerge



President Bola Ahmed Tinubu met with the Unuted Nations envoy at the State House on Thursday.


He tasked them to be more practical in supporting Nigeria in the fight against terrorism, displacement of people, and rising poverty.

In a statement on Friday by the presidential spokesman, Ajuri Ngelae, President Tinubu stated this in an audience with the Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations Office on Counter-Terrorism, Vladimir Voronkov,

The president noted that terrorism had consistently reversed the gains on development and increased instability in families and communities, but that UN cooperation in dealing with it had always been inconsistent and whimsical in the developing world context.

He said: “We appreciate all that you have been doing. We know that in the face of many demands and challenges, you can still do much better. We can score you ‘A’ in collaboration but ‘B’ in physical support. You have to do more because terrorism is an effective danger to democracy; terrorism is also an effective danger to development.

“Growth and prosperity can not be achieved until we banish terrorism. We have to look at other sides of the issue equally, and I have said it is the where, how, and when of terrorism.”

President Tinubu noted that in going forward, global peace and prosperity would demand the swift and comprehensive provision of the right answers to the challenge posed by insurgencies in parts of the world, which threaten universal stability.

“We must take into account the basic needs of our people. If out of the meagre resources presently available, we have to dip our hands without the steady support from organisations like the UN, then we are in trouble,
” Tinubu added.

While commending Nigeria’s contributions toward global counter-terrorism efforts, Voronkov noted that Nigeria already had a framework on prevention, mitigation, and reconciliation, commending the efforts taken so far in tackling terrorism.

“Of course, terrorism is part of the international agenda, and we had a successful meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, discussing how to enrich our agenda on international terrorism response. I can only mention that politically, and from the point of view of capacity building on activities for counter-terrorism, Nigeria is one of the leading partners,”
he said.

Voronkov told the President that the UN was planning a Counter-Terrorism Summit in Abuja slated for April 2024, and African nations would largely drive it with an African agenda.



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