Daddy Freeze Mocks Pastor Ashimolowo After Report Says He Spent 120k Pounds On A Birthday Party With Church Funds’

Pastor Ashimolowo and Daddy Freeze
It will be recalled that The Sun UK recently published an investigative piece titled, ‘God Delusion: Mega rich pastors living in million pound homes’. 
In the article, the newspaper called out Nigerian Pastors, Matthew Ashimolowo and Pastor Alex Omokudu, describing them as, ‘mega-rich messengers of God whose churches are raking in millions from their worshippers in some of the poorest parts of Britain’.
The report accused Pastor Ashimolowo of paying for a £120,000 birthday party for himself at a London tuneel, an £80,000 new Mercedes and a £13,000 Florida timeshare.
It also said the pastor was paid around £50,000-a-year by the church for ‘pastoral services’ before the 2005 probe found he had flouted charity rules by being a trustee and paying himself a salary.
Now, Daddy Freeze who has had a recent fall out with the man of God, has reacted by making a Video mocking the pastors.
Watch below:

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