Civilians Have Right To Record You On Duty


The Rivers State Police Command has announced that civilians have every right to record their personnel while discharging their duties.

The directive also underscores that police officers should not impede civilians from recording their activities and should maintain a professional demeanour in such situations.

This announcement was made through the official social media account of the Rivers Police, featuring a photograph of the Commissioner of Police in the state, Tunji Disu, on Wednesday.

The communication serves as a reminder to both officers and the public regarding the rights and expectations surrounding the filming of police activities.

It wrote, “To The Officers and Men of Rivers State Police Command please note that Civilians have every right to record you on video. Don’t be camera shy; smile while they’re recording you, but be professional while discharging your duty.”

The announcement has sparked reactions from Nigerians on various social media platforms. Many have praised the Commissioner of Police (CP) for initiating a reorientation of police officers, while others have called for a meeting between the leadership and the officers.

Concerns have been raised, particularly by the youth, about ongoing incidents of brutality and harassment by security agents, with a specific focus on the police.

The issue of police brutality gained significant attention in 2020 when Nigerian youths staged protests against the actions of the now-disbanded Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), which was notorious for inflicting brutality on innocent civilians.

These events highlight the persistent challenges faced by Nigerians, underscoring the need for continuous efforts to address and rectify issues related to law enforcement conduct.

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