Charly Boy Accuses Baale Of Gbagada Of Plotting To Rename Popular ‘Charly Boy Bus Stop’

Charly Boy

Charly Boy

Veteran singer and activist, Charles Oputa, popularly known as Charly Boy has taken to ‘X’ to accuse the Baale of Gbagada of an alleged plot to rename Charly Boy Bus-stop.

Making this claim in a post on Tuesday, Charly Boy detailed that the traditional ruler was plotting to rename the famous bus stop as Pedro bus stop.

According to him, traditional rulers had become a tool for tribalism and bigotry in the hands of Nigerian politicians.

Alleging a plot by the Lagos government to remove his name from the bus stop, the veteran singer said, “My people, I just hear some tori wey dey crack my belle. Some kin kindergarten propaganda dey cerculate say the Bale for Gbagada don decide say him go change Charly Boy Bus Stop to Pedro Bus Stop before CB come claim say na him get Gbagada, Na wa o! Which kin chicken sense be dat. This na the kind nonsense wey Fada dey always yarn about. But we all know as e be, I no go let am worry me, as for AreaFada him no care e no send. Me ma, I go just laugh troway.

“Make I yan una reality. I sure that bus stop no carry Charlyboy name because him beg for am, is he making any shishi from the bus stop, as a die hard follower of AreaFada bcos of him works and love for humanity. I go tell u say e happen because of the impact wey Fada carry enta that community through the Charly Boy Brand, the CBshow and his CodeRed foundation. Remember the okada riders wey him been empower in those days, the outreaches and concerts, infact the Okada park wey still dey in front of the house now a bank na Fada set am up. Una know how many okada riders AreaFada empower? E pass over 4,000, No be why them they call am the Charman Okada association of Nigeria. Oh good old days, na the real deal be those ones.

“As for the Oba matter, AreaFada pass Oba for age, but some people think say Fada just insult am. How AreaFada go insult person wey e senior for age? Because Fada ask, why a whole Oba wey no dey leave him palace go come Lagos to come tell us say “na God ordain Tinubu. We all know say some politicians and their cronies dey use our traditional leaders like tools for tribalism and bigotry. As them dey wan set us up against one another, who still never know their ways be say our Mumu never Belleful us. They dey use religion, tribalism, bigotry, hunger, and poverty as tools. Make we just dey prepared to experience another wave of Saul. But no wahala, we go dey say no to political bigotry, no to tribalism, and no to religious bigotry.”

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Recall that Charly Boy had lambasted the Oba of Benin earlier for leaving his palace to visit Lagos.

He also chastised the monarch for bringing religion into politics, arguing that leaders should be chosen based on merit rather than paranormal intervention.

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