Burna Boy Rejects Cauliflower Cheese, Requests For Garri And Egusi (Video)

Burna Boy

Grammy-winning Nigerian singer, Burna Boy during an interview rejected a foreign delicacy as he requested for garri and egusi soup.  

The singer was asked to choose his favourite dish from a selection of Nigerian and British dishes during a recent food testing interview with LADbible.

Jollof rice and cauliflower cheese were served to Burna Boy in the initial round of meals. One of the interview’s biggest highlights was Burna’s decisive rejection of cauliflower cheese.

He declined the cauliflower cheese, noting that it tasted awful in his mind but not touching it or tasting it.

Pot noodles and eba with egusi Soup was the second round of dishes that were served. The famous Afrobeat musician tasted the Pot Noodles and observed that he would need to use a special sauce to make it work with the Jollof Rice.

During the interview, he disclosed that his favourite food is jollof. Then, rather than merely tasting the Egusi soup, he opened the eba nylon and started eating it.

See Video Below;

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