Based On Statistics, Single Mother Households Produce Worst Children — American Woman (Video)


An American woman has left tongues wagging on social media after she claimed that single mother households produce the worst children.


She said this is according to statistics.


The black American lady revealed this in a Podcast where she revealed that single mother parenting is a pandemic.


She compared it alongside two parent households and single father households, claiming that the single mother household produces the most delinquents.


The American woman explains that this is prevalent in the black community and more women need to start valuing the presence of men in their children’s lives.


Some reactions to the video:


@elmannygram said: “Every child needs their father figure in their life so unless the father of the child is dead, mothers should allows kids access to their fathers. You cannot play both roles. That’s why the kids turn out worse.”


@EbisikeIj disagreed: “She is wrong to generalize this. I know some single moms that their kids turned out right”


@FOEJ_Swaggie asked: “Is she saying women are not greater leaders?🌚🤐”


@ev_reason added: “Not always. But they have the higher tendency of raising badly behaved kids. Single parents easily gets overwhelmed, this could be the cause too”


@BamieCent said: “This is true

A child needs both parents”


Watch video here

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