Actress Uzo Aduba Welcomes First Child With Filmmaker Husband, Robert Sweeting (Photos)

The couple welcomed a daughter named Adaiba Lee Nonyem, which was disclosed on Thursday, November 30.


Uzo Aduba and husband, Robert Sweeting

42-year-old Nigerian-American actress, Uzo Aduba, has welcomed her first child with husband, Robert Sweeting.

The couple welcomed a daughter named Adaiba Lee Nonyem, the actress revealed on Instagram on Thursday, November 30.

“My daughter. I’ve never been in love so quickly, so deeply in my entire life,” the “Orange Is The New Black” actress wrote. “I really don’t know what to say, guys. My heart is full. Thank you, God.”

 “I have joy like a fountain. I have witnessed a miraculous thing, and I feel blessed to know you are ours. We love you so much, Adaiba Lee Nonyem – Daughter of the people, treasurer of the mother’s names who came before you.”

The actress added, “I’m a Mommy, you guys. Motherhood. I’ve joined the club. I hear the dues are high, but the membership is completely worth it. #grateful.




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