2023: Osinbajo Won’t Declare For Presidency Because Of Jagaban – Tinubu’s Camp

The reason why why Vice President Yemi Osinbajo is yet to publicly declare for President in 2023 has been revealed.

Speaking to Daily Post in Abuja, a source close to Tinubu’s associate stated that Osinbajo can’t show interest because Tinubu has ‘Right of first refusal’. He explained that Osinbajo and others lacked the power to defeat Tinubu at the primaries hence the decision to remain silent.

He maintained that VP knows better than to show interest for the presidency when Jagaban was in the picture. He cited Aregbesola as an example and how Tinubu ended his political career.

According to the source: “Tinubu has what I’ll describe as Right of First Refusal. I believe those interested in the seat but don’t want him to contest will first wait for his decision.

“The VP and co. cannot publicly announce their ambition for the presidency yet. Can they defeat Tinubu at the primary?

“For Osinbajo, I agree that he has some support in the North but one of the actions the power brokers are holding against him is the sack of Lawal Daura (former DSS DG) in 2018.

“The VP knows better than to jump the gun. Look at Aregbesola (ex-Osun Governor) who has finished himself politically. He uttered too many things that didn’t need to be said openly.

“You saw how Tinubu ensured the overwhelming defeat of the candidate Aregbe supported against (Governor) Oyetola at the primary.

“This man has a strong network nationwide. The endorsement he enjoys from several Northern leaders is real because of the impact on their political careers. It’s time for pay back.”

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