You’re Not A Christian If You Are A Lover Of Perfumes

Nigerian Priestess 

A Nigerian priestess has stunned many people after making a startling claim.

She claimed that anyone wearing perfumes is not a Christian and cannot enter Heaven.

In a video that has gone viral, the priestess said God is against people wearing perfumes.

According to her, what God loves is for his children to wear only white clothes and have a clean heart.

‘’You are nota Christian. God does not want perfume. What God wants is white garment. Put on your white garment and let your heart be clean so that you can enter his heaven.

“You wear perfume all the time and you call yourself a Christian and you said you will not be possessed? and you say you are not a water person?

“Do you know who owns perfumes? Do you want the Goddess of the ocean likes? It’s perfumes.”

Watch the viral video below:


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