Young Man Stabbed To Death By Phone Snatchers In Kano



The deceased, Umar Na’abba

A young man identified as Umar Na’abba has been stabbed to death by suspected phone snatchers in Kano State.
The unfortunate incident occurred opposite Kano State Polytechnic on Thursday, May 18, 2023, three days after another young man, Aminu Aliyu Hallilu, was killed by phone snatchers in Babban Layi area of the state.
Meanwhile, residents of the state have taken to Facebook to express outrage over the disturbing incident.
“This is the end Result of POLITICAL Thuggery that has been Sponsored by Politicians in KANO. This Madness wasn’t happening 8 yrs ago, but it’s the other of the day Now as Youths now parade the roads of Kano with Weapons in search of Preys to steal from,” one Aliyu Haruna, wrote.
“PHONE SNATCHERS IN KANO. They are becoming more scary everyday. They’re threatening. They’re making life unbearable.

They’re killing innocent people. They’re killing worthwhile people. They’re not showing any sign of ending,”  Sulaiman Ibraheem Aleeyu, wrote.
“Yesterday, I came across a disturbing report about phone snatchers in Kano who had stabbed someone to death. The incident left me deeply troubled, and I found it difficult to sleep, contemplating how the situation had escalated to such a horrifying extent
,” Beli Abubakar Nasiru, wrote.
“Sadly, these incidents seem to be occurring almost daily now, not just in Kano but also in Kaduna. It is disheartening to witness how these crimes have evolved from mere snatching to full-fledged robberies, involving the killing of innocent individuals and coercing victims into surrendering their belongings.
“What baffles me even more is that despite the apprehension of these malevolent individuals by the security agencies, they are often paraded, made to confess their crimes, and provide details of their actions. Yet, it is rare to hear about any severe punishment or the progression of legal proceedings against them. In some cases, they may even end up being granted bail. This lack of strict consequences makes it challenging for these criminals to genuinely reform, as the prospects of repentance and rehabilitation seem uncertain.
“Moreover, it is undeniable that a significant number of these offenders are involved in drug dealing. With rampant unemployment and pervasive poverty, they resort to committing such heinous acts in order to obtain funds to support their drug habits.

“It is imperative for the government to intensify its efforts in ensuring that those apprehended for such crimes face capital punishment. This strong stance will serve as a deterrent to potential criminals and send a clear message that such actions will not be tolerated.
“Additionally, it is crucial for individuals to take a stand and prioritize their safety, adopting precautionary measures. No matter how vigilant one may be, it is crucial to acknowledge that these malicious individuals exist among us. If we allow the problem to escalate unchecked, it may become exceedingly challenging to curb the situation. While some may argue for resorting to “jungle justice” when such criminals are caught, as a society that upholds the principles of law and order, it is the responsibility of the government to prevent such occurrences from taking place, as it would be an unfavorable outcome for all parties involved.
“In conclusion, it is essential to voice our strong opposition to the actions of phone snatchers and the increasing violence associated with these crimes. The government must take immediate and decisive action, implementing stringent measures to combat this menace. Simultaneously, individuals should remain vigilant, taking necessary precautions to safeguard themselves.

“By collectively standing against these criminals and promoting a safe and secure society, we can work towards eliminating the threat posed by phone snatchers and ensure a better future.”





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