You Need Brain Surgery Because Your IQ Is Short – Bobrisky Slams Sonia Ogiri For Accusing Him Of Impregnating A Lady

Bob and Sonia

Controversial crossdresser, Bobrisky has slammed Nollywood actress, Sonia Ogiri after she alleged that he was married and recently got his wife pregnant.

Sonia Ogiiri, it was earlier reported, alleged that Bobrisky is living a double life, where he secretly has a wife and expecting a child, while on social media, he pretends to be a crossdresser who isn’t interested in women.

Bobrisky has gone online to lambast her as he notes that her points are not brilliant at all.

He warned her not to drag his name into her rants because he has the choice of choosing how he wants to live his life.

He wrote …

“Soniaogiri do you know you can make ur valid point without mentioning my name ? But if person wan chop knock for head the head must surely scratch am.

Your write up ain’t brilliant at all. You need to do better next time. Love and kindness have no boundaries. I will say dis over and over again. No one deserve to die over how he or she choose to live his or her life. Regardless people who will still want to help her/him will stand up up for him/her regardless. You are only in position to control how u give ur own money not how others want to spend theirs.

Sonia need a brain surgery cos her iq is short. If jaybogie was ur junior kid you will also be among people asking d public for funds, but now she is not in ur family it easy for you to open ur disgusting mouth that smell like gutter to type trash. Remember the day any of ur family too will need help people will bring out dis ur write up.

Now let me warn ur whole family never come for me again in ur life I don’t know even if you had once be in dm before which i still didn’t recognize you. OLODO”


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