Woman Who Gave Birth At 32 weeks Shares Transformation Of Baby (Video)



A woman who gave birth at 32 weeks has taken to social media to share a video of the baby’s growth and development.

The TikTok user identified as @maphindyyyyy, melted the hearts of netizens by sharing a video showcasing the remarkable transformation of her premature baby.

The initial footage depicted a slim-looking newborn, with a diaper that appeared larger than the baby’s body.

She wrote; “My baby born at 32 weeks.”

The video shed light on the challenges faced by premature babies and the incredible progress they can make with proper care and support.

Through subsequent clips, the baby’s growth and development became evident, with significant improvements in weight, health, and overall cuteness.

See Video Below;


My baby born at 32 weeks

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See how social users are reacting to the video below;

@SlykFashion said: “Pampers when I catch you.. Little man is now cute.”

@glorious942 said: “Why are new born so scary.”

@Jahmella commented: “This is adorable, the diaper took me out.”

@RhaAza said: “As a NICU nurse, this video makes me happy.”

@ttt commented: “The diaper looked like a jumpsuit, otherwise he looks good now.”

@mandithini said: “My twins were born at 32 weeks. I was so scared to touch them in their incubators.”




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