Woman Sentenced To Three years Imprisonment For Killing Her Baby With Scissors Moments After Giving Birth


A 25-year-old woman who gruesomely stabbed her baby to death with a pair of scissors moments after giving birth in a train toilet has been sentenced to three years imprisonment by judges in Russia.

Judges in Moscow heard how the healthy boy had been stabbed 44 times just moments after his birth.

The lady, not named in local media, carried out the brutal slaying on a Lastochka intercity electric train, widely used across Russia.

Local media reported that the baby’s body was found between Andronovka Station and Nizhegorodskaya Station, both of which lie in the west of Moscow.

An investigation revealed she stuffed ‘a bundle of paper’ into the baby’s mouth ‘which prevented his free breathing.’

Judges said they were taking into account the mother’s emotional state when they sentenced her to three years behind bars.

Prosecutors said the judges were ‘taking into account the gravity of the crime committed, as well as the personality of the defendant’.

Forensic medics told the court that the baby had been born perfectly healthy but died after he was stabbed 44 times.



The Moscow Interregional Transport Prosecutor’s Office said in a statement on 1st December: ‘The Lefortovo District Court of Moscow sentenced a woman for killing a newborn on an electric train.

‘She was found guilty of committing a crime under Art. 106 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (murder of a newborn child by a mother).

‘The court found that the 25-year-old woman, being pregnant, while in an electric train travelling along the Moscow Central Circle, independently gave birth to a viable child.

‘Deciding to kill the newborn, she stabbed him 44 times.

‘Taking into account the gravity of the crime committed, as well as the personality of the defendant, the court sentenced her to imprisonment for a period of three years to be served in a general regime colony.

‘The state prosecution in the case was supported by the Assistant Southwestern Transportation Prosecutor.’

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