Why BBNaija Is Not Instant Success Gate Pass – Ebuka

Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, the BBNaija show host has stated that the show is not a gate pass to instant success.

He said it is tough to make it through as housemates are made to undergo an entire session with psychologists before appearing on the show.

He explained this is to properly prepare them in case they end up not making it big after the show like they had envisaged.

The 39-year-old media personality said most of the people aspirants believe only a bad business person will go on a platform of that magnitude and end up mediocre.

Ebuka disclosed these in a chat with Temisan “Taymesan’ Emmanuel on a recent episode of ‘Tea with Tay’.

He said: “Before the housemates get into the show, they have a whole session with a psychologist before they come on.

“There is a ‘preparation’ like, ‘You know you can get into this thing and this is what might happen.

“At that point, you still believe it can never be me. It must take a bad business person to go on this show and not make it.

“That’s what everybody says. Ah ha! Just give me one week. I’ve had people tell me, “Ebuka, I swear to God, all I need. If I don’t finish you, people….

“And I’ll be like, ‘What makes you different from these other people?’

Ebuka added: “I’ve had people mention specific names asking what those people do that they can’t also do. And I’m like, no. It doesn’t work that way because, the industry will swallow you; whole.

“And then, you don’t want to be famous and broke. Which is the worst thing that can happen to anyone in the life.”

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