VIDEO: Actress Moyo Lawal Sextape Leaked

This is her first personal post of herself in about 2 weeks since she took a break from social media.

She took to Instagram to share a raunchy video of herself in a bathtub with music playing in the background.

She captioned the video as :

When a disciplined lady goes bad !!… she goes all the way laslas ….. it will end in pregnancy ….. …. …..before somethings expire from lack of usage ‍♀️…… …….. ………. Nobody should screenshot anything oooh , your phone will blow oooh …. P.s Sallah Sales has started @moyolawalplus … cc them for enquiries not here please ….. #Moyobugatti#ML#moyolawal”

Nollywood actress, Moyo Lawal broke the internet some few days back after her nude photos went viral on social media. The sultry actress has however come out to apologise to those that feel offended about the photos.

Although she had earlier on issued a statement about the nude photos that went viral and according to her, the photos were actually an illusion. She claimed that she wasn’t nude but was having a one-piece swimsuit on, which people refused to see or better still, could not see.

Moyo Lawal had earlier modeled for a beauty line owned by her colleague in the movie industry. And a lot of Nigerians reacted to the nude photos with negative reviews.

Remember the actress had earlier before then, appeared in a coffin. She although claimed it was a scene from an upcoming movie and people should not take that serious. She even regretted not posing in a gold-plated casket.

In a lengthy Instagram post, the actress said,

‘my apologies to everyone who felt, I let them down by “explaining and comparing” but you see, I’m in a business of creating Illusions and it gladdens my professional heart that I do it so well, majority believes whatever illusion I create’.

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