Unemployment: Ptuneos Of University Graduate Currently Hawking Food In Abuja

Timothy Ofoegbu and the hawking graduate
Ptuneos have shown the female Nigerian university graduate who is now hawking food to survive. 
The young lady was spotted going about her usual food hawking business at Wuse Zone 4 in Abuja and her ptuneos have gone viral online after a man captured and shared them with other Nigerians.
The man identified as Timothy Ofoegbu, shared the ptuneos and story of the woman on his Facebook page as a way of inspiring other young unemployed Nigerian graduates.
Below is what he shared:
He wrote:
"While many youths are complaining of unemployment and sitting at home, a female graduate cooks and hawk the food at Abuja.
"I met her near UBEC office at Wyse Zone 4 today where I went for a meeting. I bought her food and it was very delicious. I encouraged her not to give up. She says she don’t want to be a burden to any one.
"She wants to take care of herself and her aging parents. Her name is ChyChy and I am proud of her. She gave her permission to this ptuneograph with me and affirmation to this post."
See more ptuneos below:

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