They’ll Go Elsewhere And We’ll Suffer The Consequences — Scotland MP Kicks Against UK’s New Visa Policy For International Students



A move by the UK to ban students from bringing their family members to the country has been frowned at by a member of Parliament (MP) Carol Monaghan.


She kicked against the new visa policy for international students announced by the United Kingdom’s government, saying it will have consequences.


Ms Monaghan, a Scottish National party politician from Glasgow North West, who spoke at the parliament, said international students make valuable contributions, especially to the UK’s economy. She said on Wednesday that the UK government’s new policy on international students visas is misjudged.


She added that Scotland would have to suff£r the consequences of what she described as a ‘misjudged’ policy of the government. According to her, international students enriched the UK’s society in all sectors, including health, IT and universities.

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