The Lies Ali Bongo And His Father Told Gabonese For Over 40yrs Are Coming Out – Rufai Oseni Reacts To Gabon Coup


Rufai Oseni

Nigerian journalist and Arise TV host, Rufai Oseni has reacted to the military takeover in Gabon.

According to Rufai, the lies President Ali Bongo and his father, Omar, told Gabonese are gradually being unveiled.

TORI earlier reported  that military officers on Wednesday announced they have taken over power in Gabon, the Central African country.

They said they were annulling the results of Saturday’s election, in which President Ali Bongo was declared the winner.

The electoral commission said Bongo’s main challenger, Albert Ondo Ossa, had come in second place with 30.77%, and Bongo’s team rejected Ondo Ossa’s allegations of electoral irregularities.

The same family has ruled Gabon for more than 55 out of its 63 years since independence from France in 1960, and Ali’s second term election was also marred with irregularities and violence.

In a post shared on Twitter, Rufai Oseni frowned at the level of lies being told by many African leaders, stressing the lack of mental capacity and gullibility are why the lies have refused to stop.

He further described the election that produced Ali Bongo as a sham, adding that a military coup is not the best solution to African rebirth.

He tweeted, “The reason why lies keep spreading is the gullibility and lack of mental capacity to stop the lies. The gullibility is worse than the guillotine.

“Lies in Africa are directly proportional to the gullibility of those who believe the lies.

“The lies Omar Bongo and His Son Ali Bongo told the Gabonese for over 40 years is finally coming home to roost. Ali Bongo’s sham elections!

“I don’t believe the Military can be the hero of African renaissance—Same Military??? Humor me brothers and Sisters!”


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