Rita Edochie Speaks On Destroying May And Yul Edochie’s Marriage


Rita and May Edochie

Veteran actress, Rita Edochie has taken to Instagram to lambast those accusing her of destroying the marriage of Yul Edochie’s first wife, May.

Recall that the 16 years of marriage between Yul and May hit the rock after reports of his infidelity and marriage to his colleague, Judy Austin, became public knowledge.

May has reportedly filed for a divorce, and Yul has been denied access to their marital home in Lagos.

In a post via her Instagram page, Rita expressed displeasure over the speculation that she masterminded the marriage crash between Yul and May.

The movie star stated that amidst the social media attack on her, Yul remains her son, just like May believes that the actor is still the father of her children and nothing can change it.

She wrote, “Paid defenders of cheats and infidels before you see me or hear me talk on Quenn May Edochie’s matter, something must have prompted it. Know this and know peace. Queen May Edochie is fine, it is you, the drama devil, who is sick with bitterness, and that’s why she keeps recruiting her supporters to attack me, but una go kpai for this matter.

“It beats my imagination how some people say I have succeded in destroying May Edochie’s home, particularly people on 0 post and private accounts. Their problem is that I hate lies, I support the truth and I am supporting Queen May Edochie, that is being humiliated all over soca media by drama devil and their cohorts.

“Whether you like it or not, Yul Edochie is still my son and my son, he will remain the same way May Yul-Edochie believe that Yul is still the father of her children and can never do anything to hurt him just like you are doing but so long as you drama devil decide to leave first and second man you had come to scatter May Edochie’s home. God Almighty will do the needful in your life. If not today, it will be tomorrow.

“So keep deceiving yourselves, saying I destroyed May’s home while you were still doing. The people doing all these ghost members from the Whatsapp group recruited by her Whatsapp team to attack May and I but too bad you can’t shut me nor the May nation up. We are way stronger tha you evil doers put together. Ndi Ala, Ndi Ala.”

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