Releasing Nnamdi Kanu Will Be Tinubu’s Highest Birthday Gift To Us – Brother


Nnamdi Kanu’s younger brother Prince Emmanuel Kanu, has said it will be a befitting birthday gift should President Bola Ahmed Tinubu grant the release of Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra.


Emmanuel said this during an interview with Vanguard.


He revealed that the prolonged imprisonment of the IPOB leader has been a source of immense anguish for the family, especially since the passing of their parents three years ago.


Emmanuel, whose birthday falls on December 11, shared that the joyous occasion is overshadowed by the continuous suffering endured by his brother since his extradition to Nigeria in 2021. He emphasized that nothing holds significance for him anymore in the face of his brother’s prolonged pain.


Appealing to President Tinubu, Emmanuel urged compliance with multiple court judgments mandating the release of Kanu. He asserted that the release of his brother would be the most cherished birthday gift he could receive.


The Supreme Court has slated Friday, December 15, to decide on Kanu’s pending appeal against his ongoing detention by the Department of State Services (DSS), which has been deemed a violation of earlier court rulings.


The Court of Appeal previously acquitted Kanu of all 15 counts of treason charges filed against him by the federal government.


Condemning his abduction in Kenya and subsequent extraordinary rendition to Nigeria, the court stated that these actions violated established international protocols.


Consequently, the court ruled that Kanu should either be returned to Kenya, where he was visiting with his British passport before his abduction or be sent back to the UK, his country of residence.


Meanwhile, Prince Emmanuel emphasized that his sole birthday wish is the release of Kanu, whom he insisted is unjustly detained.


Challenging the misconception held by some, he argued that Kanu is not the cause but a potential part of the solution to Nigeria’s problems.


Prince Emmanuel asserted that releasing Kanu and engaging him in dialogue could play a crucial role in bringing about peace in Nigeria.



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