Popular Actor, Kevin Rowley Commits Suicide After Suffering From ‘Fear Of Old Age’

Kevin Rowley
An actor has taken his own life after he struggled to cope with getting old.


According to UK Metro, 47-year old Kevin Rowley had been renowned by friends as a man ‘with a smile on his face’ but he hid a secret battle with anxiety in which he found it difficult to deal with his 30th and 40th birthdays.

He was found suffocated in bed at his home in Hulme, Manchester, recently.

In a statement, his brother, Paul said: “Kevin started to have anxiety and depression from his mid teens. He was very close to his mother and felt the force of her loss when she died. He really struggled with significant milestones including his 30th and 40th birthday. He made many calls for help and these got more frequent as he got older. He was more open with my wife about how he felt. Sometimes he was away from home doing things with other friends.  “I am not aware of physical problems. He kept himself fit and healthy but he had a lifelong problem with depression. We would keep in touch by texting and phone calls. He had some relationship problems and financial worries.” 

Fiona Winstanley an officer at a mental health access team said: “Kevin had suicidal tendencies but he kept things to himself. He was prescribed medication to reduce anxiety, including diazepam as this had helped him in the past.”  Police confirmed there were no suspicious circumstances involving his death and said officers attended the property following a call about the incident.


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