Policemen And Soldiers Fight Dirty Over Traffic Violation In Ekiti (Video)



Some police officers and soldiers have engaged in a free-for-all fight over traffic violation in Ekiti state.


The incident happened after a female police officer stopped the soldiers who drove a motorcycle against traffic.


However, the army personnel reportedly insisted on being allowed to pass despite taking their wrong-way driving, leading to an argument between the policewoman and the soldiers.


The verbal confrontation, however, degenerated into a fight, and the female officer called for backup.


In the viral video online, some civilians were seen attempting to separate the soldiers and police officers.


Reacting, the Ekiti State Police Spokesman, Sunday Abutu, confirmed the incident was a case of violation of traffic order and assault on a policewoman.


He added that the two soldiers involved had been arrested and were undergoing investigation.


He said, “Meanwhile, it’s a case of violation of traffic order and serious assault on a policewoman who was performing her lawful duty at the traffic by the two soldiers.

“The two military private officers who were on motorcycle were cautioned by the policewoman after they reluctantly passed through one-way traffic. The caution provoked them and they decided to pounce on the policewoman and assaulted her, got her injured and tore her uniform.

“It took the effort of some civilians around to stop the soldiers from escaping before the police reinforcement arrived.”


Watch video below:



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