Perish The Idea Of Military Govt, Nigeria’s Economy Was Terrible Under Abacha’s Regime



Journalist, Rufai Oseni has asked Nigerians to perish the idea of a military government because it is terrible and citizens were treated badly.


Following the coups in Niger Republic and Gabon, some Nigerians have urged the Nigerian military to also imitate the embattled countries.

However, Oseni has insisted that military rule is a terrible government.

He argued that unlike the narrative pushed by many, the economy was terrible during the late Sani Abacha’s regime.

Oseni maintained that inflation was extremely high and people’s lives were austere.

He claimed that the late Fela Anikulapo Kuti’s house was burnt down, and his mother was beaten and thrown down the stairs by soldiers during the military regime.

The media personality also stated that during military rule, media houses were closed down while journalists were targeted and threatened for doing their jobs.

Speaking via Twitter, he wrote, “Perish the idea of a military government.

“The military government is a terrible government.Fela’s House was burnt down, his mother beaten and thrown down the stairs and in the end the FMG claimed they were unknown soldiers,In the military era, media houses were closed arbitrarily and Journalists targeted and threatened for doing their Job.

“The civil service was terribly damaged and the military arbitrariness brought a culture of corruption to the civil service,there are stories of children who lived in well manicured lawn GRA homes and by 6pm their lives changed for the worse when the sack of their parents was announced on NTA and they were told to vacate their property with immediate effect.I believe as citizens we must keep calling out our civilian govt and hold them accountable but a military Govt is a return to anarchy.

“Also let’s stop lying, things were terrible under the military in the time of Abacha inflation was extremely high and life was very austere for people.Our govt must be accountable.I once had an older friend that a military leader once summoned because his News paper put a picture of the boss not smiling.

“If you think things are bad remember our seat of power was once a place for all sorts of exotic origies during the Military era and the scale of corruption was brazen.

“The people must never stop believing in Nigeria, the last elections showed the Nigerians can actually coalesce efforts, Nigerians must also hold the institutions accountable and see how to make democracy work.Also politicians must the careful,their brazen lawlessness and destabilising tendencies will definitely not end well,the Governors must not turn the local government into their fiefdom like they are doing now, we must let the local governments breathe! Shame on all past Governors that never held local government elections at the right time.

“The politicians must also cease the use of violence as violence begat violence and the people will stand up to remove the vestiges of evil from our electoral process.I believe that Nigeria will survive but we must do right.”

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