Nigerian Lady Makes Toasted Bread Using Vegetable Soup Instead Of Eggs


A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to showcase her culinary skills as she used vegetable soup to make toasted bread.

She shared photos of the bread made with vegetable soup instead of egg, where the bread was carefully placed in a toaster.

One image captured the bread with vegetable soup spread on it before toasting.

Additionally, she included a photo revealing the inside of the bread as evidence to assure her followers that she indeed used vegetable soup to toast and eat the bread.



This unique approach captured the attention of social media users, leading to a flood of comments on the post.

See some reactions below:

@JessicaMohansta: “Just tell us make we contribute moni 4 u buy egg, instead u dea use indirect way dea beg.”

@dcrandy_: “Yeah I understand eating bread with vegetables but why you go toast am.”

@thesheddyking: “Stay right where you are, the authorities will be with you soon.”

@triclowns: “I pray that God will not replace the eggs in your ovaries with vegetable soup.”

@iam_sezu: “I can’t believe someone else eats this! I thought I was the only one.”


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