My Wife’s Friends Who Made Her Leave Me Are Now My Side Chics – Cab Driver Tells His Story

 Cab driver

Emmanuel Echeta, a Nigerian man, has told a startling story about a Bolt driver.

Echeta recounted his intriguing meeting with the Bolt driver who confided in him about marital problems and how his wife’s friends advised her to leave him.

The driver informed Echeta that his wife had listened to the advice of her friends, who said that he was not providing adequate care for her and that she should leave him.

The intriguing part is that the same people who advised her to abandon her marriage have been trailing her spouse to his home. According to Emmanuel, the woman left her cab driver husband a month later.

The driver’s neighbor had to contact her to let her know what was going on after noticing that he was consistently returning home with his wife’s female friends.

Emmanuel tweeted: “Bolt driver was telling me how his wife’s girlfriends advised her to leave him because he wasn’t doing enough.

“A month after she left, his neighbour called to tell her that her husband had been bringing her girlfriends home weekend after weekend.

“I tipped him after the ride.”

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