Mixed Reactions As Man Gulps An Entire Bottle Of Alcoholic Drink At Once (Video)



A video has captured the moment a Nigerian man gulped a whole bottle of an alcoholic drink, the Lord’s gin at once.


He seems to have a very high tolerance for the alcohol as he drinks it all at once under few minutes.

It will seem like this is not a new thing for him because the people around him are not even surprised at his actions.

See Video Below;

However, many social media users are left amazed and also scared for his vital organs which might be left damaged after his display.

See Reactions Below;

@Kemisanwo wrote: ”He will need another liver soon”.

@Ayfresh14 said: ”I don’t think this video is complete cos him body go tell him”.

@midonations said: ”He won’t be himself for the next 3 days”.

@iam_thesnowman said: ”This is highly dangerous. Alcohol poisoning is real oh”.

@odirah_cellz said: ”I doubt that the content is gin, maybe its water. Nobody can gulp gin this much and not drop dead’‘.



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