Man Shares Old Paper Showing Naira-Dollar Exchange Rate in 1978



A 1978 photo showing the exchange rate between the naira and the dollar has revealed the extent of the bastardization of the curreny over the years.


A Nigerian Facebook user Obinna Aligwekwe shared the photo causing serious buzz online.


The seemingly ordinary paper in question was a printed material that informed the public about the singles final of the Lagos Tennis Classic in 1978.


The event featured a riveting showdown between two tennis legends, Kjell Johansson and Robin Drysdale.


The paper listed the grand prize for the 1978 Lagos Tennis Classic as $13,100, a substantial sum at the time. More intriguingly, it also indicated the equivalent value in Nigerian Naira, which was a mere N10,200.


Today, the exchange rate is N1,180 to the $1 at the black market.



Netizens Reactions:


Nkiruka Rosemary Onwueme said; “My dad was a member of the. LAGOS Lawn Tennis Club in the eighties and nineties. They usually play at Ebute Meta.”


Aluwuooxtin said; “The nation Nigeria is caused with insensitive and selfish leadership that is here only to take it back and never to move it forward.”


Kingsley Aneke said; “And Dunlop left the country after recording loses because of ease of doing business and power issues.” 


Abby Abi said; “Let’s not forget to look at what Nigeria was doing differently at that time.”


Chinedu Ikonne said; “Blackman is not fit to run its affairs. Blackman is a waste of creation.”


Echieh Chidiebere Peter said; “Imagine is Dunlop had stayed, continued to support this game and the game grew as it should have. “Imagine. “Just imagine. “Ihe mere anyi.”


Paulinus Ugwuja said; “In civilized countries, things get better with time, but the reverse is the case with Nigeria. 


“We now wish for the good old days.”


Ifeanyi Onwurah said; “1978 before they built Lagos… “There was indeed a country.” 


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