Man Causes A Stir With His Haircut (Video)



A man has stirred reactions after he got an unusual haircut that carries a face at the back of his head.


The video making the rounds on social media captured a dual-face haircut specially requested by the client.

The barber in question took his time to deliver an intricate design of a second face at the back of his client’s head.

See video below;

The video of the haircut has since sparked mixed reactions from netizens who praised the barber for the exceptional skill while others queried the client’s intention for such.

See reactions trailing the haircut below;

mizkimoraprecious queried: “I have so many questions!’Why? What is the reason? Who’s his plug? What’s he going through 😂”

___mide_pearl wrote: “The guy suppose sue the barber cuz wtf😂😂😂”

__iamcharis noted: “No carry this kind hairstyle kom toast me o, I fit !ns¥lt the l!ving day light out of you. Very !rrespons!ble n0nse€nse.”

officialonlygod said: “When you thought you’ve seen it all, then BOOM 💥 another Werey pops out with another version of MENT.”




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