Man Breaks Up With Girlfriend After Her Raunchy Dance With Chris Brown


A man identified as Dash has broken up with his girlfriend after a clip of her dancing in a raunchy manner with American singer, Chris Brown surfaced online.
In the video, the singer was seen giving the woman a lap dance during his ‘Under The Influence Tour’, Daily Mail reports.
Chris performed this erotic dance with the girlfriend of the man, identified as Dash, while performing the song, ‘Take You Down’.
Dash was left fuming as he watched the incident unfold on-stage, and shared the video on TikTok.
In the video, the girlfriend looked delighted and ran her hands down Chris’ body, while fanning herself with her hand.
Dash said, “POV: Buying my girlfriend front row tickets to see Chris Brown. I want my £500 and my girlfriend back.”
But when one follower commented, “Break up with her RN. She knows better”,
Dash took to the social platform once again to give their relationship update.
Dash said, “Just to update everyone regarding the Chris Brown concert.
I’m no longer with my girlfriend but she said she doesn’t think what she did was wrong.”

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