Worshipers In Tears As Popular Reportedly Prophet ‘Turns Water Into Petrol’ (Ptuneos)

The bottles of water reportedly caught fire
Ptuneos have shown the moment a popular South African cleric, Prophet Jacob, reportedly turned water into petrol inside the church.
Prophet Jacob who is very controversial for the kind of "miracles" he performs every now and then, made headlines again after this recent performance
According to information gathered from the prophet’s official page on Facebook, the cleric had urged the worshipers to come to the church service with bottles of water from their homes. When they obliged and came to church with the bottles of water, the prophet asked them to come to the altar, then he proceeded to pray "with militancy" and instantly turned the water to petrol.
According to the source, even the smell of the water changed instantly as it caught fire.
Below is what was shared (sic):

"During our Friday Easter Convocation prophet Jacob asked people to bring bottles of water from their homes and surprisingly said "DO YOU BELIEVE WE CAN TURN THIS WATER INTO PETROL" ,continued by telling the congregation to bring the bottles on the alter and he prayed with militancy and instantly the color and the smell of the water change and caught fire which was so massive and people were moved into awe.

"#Believe it or not
"#Miracles still happen today"

Because of the awesomeness of the "miracle" some of the worshipers reportedly began to cry.
Below are more ptuneos as shared by the prophet.
Some of the worshipers began to cry

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