Why I’ve been away from the movie industry – Chidi Mokeme opens up


Veteran Nollywood actor Chidi Mokeme has opened up on the reason why he has been away from the movie industry for some time.


Chidi Mokeme has been off the movie scenes for some years until his recent debut in the movie titled “Shanty” where he played the role of Scar.

Speaking in an interview with Channels Television, Chidi Mokeme revealed that he was battling an incurable disease called Bell’s Palsy.

According to him, the infection affected one side of his face, and as an actor, he couldn’t make a public appearance.

In his words, he said;

“I have been off the scene for a while after we did the promotional tour for 76. Before that when we were preparing to go to the UK on a trip to British International Film Festival. I came down with something called Bell’s Palsy. It comes like a stroke and affects one side of your face.

And this was something the doctor said was incurable. They didn’t know what caused it and how to treat it. As an actor, you can imagine what I was going through”.


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