Who owns, found Lagos? – Iyabo Ojo quizzes historians, sparks debate amongst netizens


Actress, Iyabo Ojo has sparked a debate amongst netizens over her question about who owns and founded Lagos state.


The film actress took to her Instagram page minutes ago to tell a short story about how Lagos was reportedly founded and asked historians if she got it right. Iyabo Ojo wrote:

“Historians let’s dialog….. we learn every day, ….. who owns Lagos, who found Lagos..

Is this true history true:

Lagos was originally inhabited by the Awori subgroup of the Yoruba people in the 15th century, who called it “Oko”.

Under the leadership of the Oloye Olofin, the Awori moved to an island now called Iddo and then to the larger Lagos Island.

In the 16th century, the Awori settlement was conquered by the Benin Empire and the island became a Benin war-camp called “Eko” under Oba Orhogba, the Oba of Benin at the time. Eko is still the native name for Lagos.

The name Eko was given to it by the first king of Lagos, Oba Ado, the young and vibrant Prince from Benin. Eko was the land now known as Lagos Island, where the king palace was built……”

Her post sparked a debate amongst her fans with some stating that Oba of Benin is one of Oduduwa’s 7 sons, hence Lagos belongs to Yoruba people; others said Lagos is no man’s land. See below:


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