We Won’t Recognise Your Anti-Grazing Coverage’ – Miyetti Allah To Southern Governors

Miyetti Allah Kauta Hore has mentioned it is not going to settle for the September 1 deadline put aside by Southern governors for the banning of open grazing within the states.

The group mentioned the ban on open grazing policy is satanic.

Miyetti Allah additionally mentioned it’s in help of the federal authorities’s plan to revive grazing reserves, grazing routes and facilitate ranching in all of the states.

LEADERSHIP remembers that in May this yr, another herder group, Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Affiliation (MACBAN) had supported Southern governors’ ban on open grazing, even going forward to problem Northern governors to observe the lead of the Southern counterparts.

However talking to LEADERSHIP yesterday, the nationwide secretary of the Miyetti Allah Kauta Hore, Saleh Alhassan, mentioned the members wouldn’t recognise any anti-open grazing policy within the nation.

“We don’t recognise anti-grazing regulation. No one can do anti-grazing coverage in Nigeria the place we’re constitutionally assured the right of motion and occupation,” Alhassan mentioned, referring to the September 1 deadline arrange by the Southern governors to ban the traditional apply of elevating cattle.

“I believe that (open grazing) has been overtaken by occasions the place the federal authorities is reviving the grazing reserves and grazing routes. Ranches are developing throughout the states. Any coverage that may warmth up the polity, I don’t suppose is fascinating for the nation now.

“I believe they’re simply beating a lifeless horse. In spite of everything, what number of grazing reserves do we have now in Southern Nigeria. Ninety % of the cows we have now in Southern Nigeria are meant for enterprise. They aren’t there for grazing. The cattle are taken there for 2 or three weeks earlier than they take them to the market. We don’t even perceive what they imply by anti-open grazing,” Alhassan mentioned, describing it as devilish.

“That factor is Satanic,” Alhassan mentioned of the anti-open grazing coverage. “That type of coverage is Satanic. Something of Devil can not prevail over mild. They’ll fail.”

Alhassan threatened the governors over their 2023 political plans of an influence shift to the South, declaring they’d not get their want.

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