Twitter is DOWN: App crashes for thousands of frustrated users around the world


Twitter has crashed this morning, leaving thousands of frustrated users unable to see tweets in their feeds.


According to Down Detector, the issues started at 10:17 GMT (05:17 ET) and are affecting users worldwide.

The reason for the outage remains unclear, although almost 3,000 issues have now been logged on Down Detector

Of those who reported issues, 62 per cent said they were having problems with the app, 34 per cent with the website and four per cent with the server connection.

It comes just days after Twitter laid off another 200 employees, around 10 per cent of its remaining workforce, in the latest round of job cuts since Elon Musk took over last October.

The outages have been increasing ever since Musk began running Twitter, leading to speculation that there aren’t enough people to fix its problems.

In February alone, the site experienced at least four widespread outages, compared with nine in all of 2022, according to NetBlocks, which tracks internet outages.

Bugs, including those that have prevented people from posting tweets, have also been more noticeable, researchers say.

In the past, Twitter prevented outages from escalating by having people around to diagnose and solve problems immediately, but there are now fewer engineers to tackle these issues.

Today, the majority of issues with Twitter in the UK were reported in major cities, including London, Belfast and Cardiff.

American users in cities such as New York, Washington and Boston also complained of having problems.

‘Welcome to Twitter’ was trending on the site this morning, with people complaining that a bug meant they were being greeted with the message you receive when first signing up to the social media platform.

One user, Natalie Ann Grace, tweeted: ‘Well my twitter is broken, can’t see any posts unless they’re in my notifications, my feed is replaced with the “welcome to twitter” thing you get when you sign up.’

Another, David Ziggy Greene, added: ‘Can’t view timeline or any tweets because after 9 years twitter has decided to welcome me & won’t let me see anything else.’

Beth Hawks wrote: ‘Anyone else getting a “welcome to Twitter” message when they log on as though they’ve never been on it before?’


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