The Bible Is Against C#ndoms – Rapper Stivo Simple Boy

Popular Kenyan rapper, Stivo Simple Boy has said that he is against the use of c#ndoms.


In a recent interview, the ‘Mihadarati’ hitmaker claimed people should shun c*ndoms and embrace unprotected s3x.

Claiming that God is against the use of c*ndoms, he stated that as long as couples trust each other, there is no need for using protection.

Stivo said;

”I don’t encourage the use of c*ndoms. even in the Bible, c*ndoms are not mentioned. It is not there. If you find someone who loves you, no need to use c*ndom.”

In a past interview, he disclosed that his relationship with his longtime girlfriend, Pritty Vishy, ended after a fight about premarital s3x.

The artiste said he was working on staying celibate until marriage.


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