Terry Apala caught in bed with ‘cousin’ by Pregnant girlfriend

Popular Nigerian Afrobeats and akpala (traditional Yoruba music) hip-hop musician, Alexander Ejeh, better known by his stage name, Terry Apala, seems to have been caught in a rather embarrassing cheating scandal.

A video allegedly made by the singer’s girlfriend emerged on Twitter earlier today, February 20.


In the clip, the Apala Wifi singer was caught by his alleged pregnant girlfriend in bed, with some lady who according to the poster of the video, the singer, had previously claimed was a cousin.

The video has been the subject of much discussion on Twitter and caused Terry Apala to trend.

The poster of the video who claims to be a friend to Terry’s girlfriend, claims the singer had been avoiding his girlfriend.

All attempts to see Apala proved futile, and it wasn’t till the girlfriend paid a surprise visit that she caught the singer pants down with his alleged cousin.

catch the rest of the story here:

While we know this is a rather sticky and embarrassing incident, we also know any publicity is good publicity, and this has led to speculations that the singer might just be trying to get back in the public eye, and what better way than a scandal?

Here’s what some tweeps had to say:

1. What a sweet coincidence that she walked into them in bed.
2. He doesn’t have a security man at home.
3. She walks around with her phone camera on.
4. She eventually records him & he allows her walk away without deleting the video.

and then there were others who were there to enjoy the drama:

Publicity stunt or not, time shall tell.


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