Ruger Reveals The Secrete Why He Wears An Eyepatch In His Left Eye

Fast-rising Nigerian artiste, Ruger, has given an explanation for why he habitually wears a black patch over his left eye.

In technical terms, an eyepatch is used to cover an injured eye. However, some people wear it as a lifestyle or for fashion.


Recall that in 2021, a picture of Ruger without his eyepatch went viral, dispelling the myth that the musician is blind.

In a Sunday interview, Ruger explained the real reason he covers his left eye Ruger asserts that he wears the eyepatch because it is part of his brand.

“It’s my trademark.” he said.

The 22-year-old shared his most memorable experiences:

“My most memorable moment as a singer was the first time my song, Bounce, got to the number one spot on the Apple Music Nigeria Top 100 Chart in Nigeria in 2021.

“That was very memorable for me. I recall that I was at the airport when I got the news. I was very happy.”


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