Rick Ross Shows Off Collection Of His Over 100 Classic Cars And Trucks (Video)

Popular American musician, Rick Ross has flaunted his car collection.


The rap artist Rick Ross showed off over 100 cars which he has acquired over time.

According to AutoJosh, in a clip he shared online, Ross can be seen walking down the driveway of his 400-acre, 109-room Georgia estate, which is lined with classic cars and trucks from his collection.

In the video, Rick Ross can be heard saying:

“Just pulled a few of them out”

“Not all the ones that are in Miami, not all the ones. Just a few of them out”

“Got to motivate the hustle. That’s what we going to do.”


At least 13 American-made vehicles made an appearance in the clip. These includes four of his seven Chevrolet Bell-Airs, a Pontiac Trans-Am and several generations of Chevy C/K trucks.

Watch video below:


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