Regina Daniels Shows Off Wads Of New Notes Her Sons Are Saving In Their Piggy Bank (Video)


Nollywood actress and billionaire wife, Regina Daniels has taken to Instagram to show off her adorable sons saving a bundle of new Naira notes in their piggy bank.


The mother-of-two explained that she loves saving in a piggy bank and she’s trying to teach her sons to do same.

The actress got two tin piggy banks for her sons and is seen helping them fold new naira notes into it.

She wrote in the caption: ”Anyone that knows me, knows my love for piggy bank savings. And now, I’ve got my boys on board, it’s not too early for them to adopt the habit of saving… although Kharl is but it’s okay…I can’t wait for the excitement when we finally open our piggy bank at the end of the year.”

Watch Video Below;


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