People pay to be cast in Nollywood – Nons Miraj


Skit Maker Nons Miraj also known as Ada Jesus has shared her experience in the movie industry as she claims people pay to get cast.


Nons Miraj has shared her experience when she wanted to enter the movie industry during an interview with media personality, Chude Jideonwo.

According to Nons Miraj, she had a bitter experience where she met these gatekeepers of the movie industry who demanded money for her to get a role.

She told host Chude on his show;

“It comes differently, because there are different people. It’s not one person, so everybody has their tactics. The one that will start telling people, ‘this is my girlfriend oh!’ You’ll be shocked, thinking ‘when did I enter a relationship, that I don’t even know about?’

“He wants to connect you to somebody, but will tell them ‘my girlfriend is coming to meet you’. I don’t know if it’s like a code. So, when that one hears my girlfriend, he feels like you’re easily accessible. Then you go there and then he is making advances.

“In some worse cases, they will even ask you to pay money. Sometimes, they will collect your money to feature you in their film. I didn’t do that one. I saw my friends go through shit in that one, you give maybe 30k, 50k, and they’ll give you the role. That’s how you see some Nollywood films, the person is acting rubbish you’ll be wondering how they cast this person, they just paid for it.
It’s a lot, some might be very open and ask you, ‘Nne don’t you want to be like Genevieve, Omotola? You are going to be a superstar. You will be mesmerized literally, and you don’t know how to vex.

“You can’t go home and tell your parents this because you won’t go out again that day. So, I hid all those things from my parents.

“What I am always careful about is, ‘don’t go and shout before the person rapes you’. As he just talk, I know how to play along, saying ‘yes sir, no problem, sir’. Immediately I leave that room, I carry my bag, and go back to my father’s house.

“So, when I saw that it was a consistent thing, that they were doing in Nollywood, I just washed my hand like this and said I’m not doing again and that’s why I left.”


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