Nollywood Actor, Kevin Uvo Escapes Death 24 Hours To His Wedding (Ptuneos)

Kevin Uvo shared the story on social media
Nigerian actor, Kevin Uvo is grateful to God after escaping death just 24 hours to his wedding. Uvo who cannot thank God enough took to his social media handle to share the experience. 
The sad incident happened two days ago (Monday).
He wrote: "Today (24hours to my wedding) I had a close shave with Death, But GOD proved HE alone is GOD.

I woke up Really strong making calls, sending descriptions to invited guests when suddenly I felt a serious cramp inside my stomach. The pain was so severe that I collapsed but struggled to stay conscious.
Kevin at the hospital
I later managed to crawl into my tuneel room. Thank God my bro Tony Romeo had stopped by after church. Fast forward like I was told 6 hours later, I woke up at the emergency ward of st. Joseph hospital Asaba with drip and was told I had been given 6 injections.
Planning my wedding had open my eyes to who truly alot of so called friends/colleagues are.
Question-What if I had died? 
Ans- Definitely lots of fake people including those who have allowed fame/money make them forget their humble beginnings/becloud their sense of reasoning and of course some who obviously don’t like me 4 reasons best known to them will act up and post my pics writing Rip my friend/colleague but thank God for God.."
The incident didn’t deter the actor from tying the knot

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