Nigerian Man Accused Of Defrauding US benefactor And Using His Credit Card To Buy 10 Cars (Video)

A video has captured the moment a Nigerian national identified as Hammed Gbolarun was accused of using his benefactor’s credit card to purchase 10 cars.


It is alleged that the 23-year-old arrived in the US 6 months ago and he was given accommodation and papers to work by his kind landlord.

Twitter user, @Citizenpeper said he however allegedly “ventured into Yahoo Yahoo” and used money from his benefactor’s account to buy cars.

In a video shared online, the accused is seen kneeling between two cars while asking for forgiveness.

A voice is heard telling Hammed that he isn’t sorry for what he did but is only sorry he got caught.

Watch Video Below;

Friends of the accused have said he will speak out soon with his side of the story.


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