My Body Is More Expensive Than Your Bank Accounts Put Together – Princess Shyngle Attacks Critics

Princess Shyngle
Gambian actress, Princess Shyngle has expressly told her critics that her body is more expensive than their bank accounts put together.
She made the statement in reaction to rumours that she has expended over $100,000 to enhance her body.
She reeled out the price speculations of the purported plastic surgeries she has allegedly done.
It would be recalled that many have questioned the tiny size of the waist of the TV figure based in Ghana.
"They say I did rib removal surgery which is worth over $50,000. Tummy tuck and lipo worth $20,000. Hip and butt implant worth $18,000.

"Breast implants worth $21,000 lol so in total I have over $100,000 worth of surgert done on my body. Omggg y’all better put respect on my name from now on because my body is literally more expensive than ya’all bank account put together," she mocked her critics.

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