Too Much Money: See How D’banj Is Living Like A King In Dubai (Ptuneos)

Without a shadow of doubt, D’banj is one artist who qualifies to be described as famous and rich. He also has so much style, so when he decides to put up ptuneos of his very luxurious lifestyle on social media, it is quite difficult not to admire him.
The music star is presently in Dubai and pictures of him from the place have stunned his teeming fans.
From the living inside gold plated bedroom to the exotic cars and the views from the expensive tuneel where the entertainer is lodging, it is apparent that D’banj is living the life.
Since the beginning of 2018, D’banj who has always been seen as a private person has been a bit relaxed and allowed fans into his once out of bounds lifestyle.
Below are more ptuneos of his luxurious lifestyle:

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