I told Buhari to stop crying, gave him hope, now he wants to erase me from history – Bola Tinubu

Bola Tinubu has lamented how he has been let down by Muhammadu Buhari after helping him to realise his life-long ambition in 2015, rallying the Yoruba people not to allow the Nigerian president succeed in making him an inconsequential page in history books.


“He tried first time and failed. He tried second time and failed. He tried third time and failed. He even cried on television that he will never run for president again,” Mr Tinubu said in Abeokuta while meeting APC delegates on Thursday afternoon. “I went to meet him and told him this is not a crying matter: ‘we will support you and you will be president’.”

Mr Tinubu, who addressed the audience in Yoruba for the most part of the event, said Mr Buhari was made president on the condition that he will never mess with Yoruba interests.

“I didn’t beg him for contracts, I never begged him for garri, I never begged him for fura and I never borrowed money from him,” Mr Tinubu said of Mr Buhari’s administration. “But I insisted it is Yoruba’s turn and when it comes to Yoruba it is my turn.”

“I don’t want them to just mention me in history books for nothing,” Mr Tinubu said.

Ahead of the ruling party’s convention on June 6, Mr Tinubu has made headlines for being the least likely to clinch the presidential ticket despite being the most prolific politician amongst the aspirants.

Mr Buhari has insisted on a consensus candidate for the party, a move Mr Tinubu has long opposed. The former Lagos governor has also reportedly learnt that he won’t be Mr Buhari’s favourite, prompting him to embark on an open confrontation ahead of the primary.


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