How To Maintain The Excellent Quality of Your Cello Bow

The cello is one of the most beloved string instruments in the world. Deep and mellow, the melodic voice of cellos are unlike any other. However, it cannot produce the beautiful tones we hear today without a special tool called the “bow”. Such should be taken care of in order to effectively play the cello. Here are a few tips on how to keep a bow in great shape:


1. It is advisable to use a soft cloth to remove dirt and unwanted substances from the bow’s stick right after using it. If it is not cleaned immediately, the dirt may become permanently stuck on the material of the stick. Wipe the left-over rosin off as well.

2.Be mindful of the humidity that the bow is subjected to as it could deform or crack the bow. Humidifiers should be used inside the case when it is closed. Owning a hygrometer to gauge humidity is also recommended. Furthermore, it is important to dehumidify or humidify the environment in which the bow is kept.

3.Players should check the conditions of their bows at least once a week to assess any issues that may arise such as damages and issues with the string tension.

4.Handle the bow properly! The proper way is to hold the bow from the hair’s stick. Refrain from touching the hair because substances on your fingers may cause the hairs of the stick to deteriorate.

5.Be careful when tightening the bow as it can deform its material which will affect your performance on the cello later on. When returning the bow in its case, do loosen it up first.

6.Avoid tapping, dropping, and/or hitting your bow at any instance! These actions will most likely result in severe damages.

7.Another important reminder is to be mindful of the temperatures in which you store your bow. Do not leave it in your heated car, or airconed rooms with very chilled temperatures.

As the bow is an essential tool in every
cellist’s life a player must never take its use for granted! It is necessary to care for it as you would a friend, and to be conscious of its maintenance. Cello bows may seem quite “high-maintenance” but these tips are simple to follow once they are molded into habits. Start initiating these habits today to prolong the life of our cello bows!


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