How Alex Ferguson Once Threw A Boot At My Head – Man Utd Star Reveals

Jesse Lingard and Sir Alex Ferguson

Jesse Lingard has revealed that Manchester United icon Sir Alex Ferguson once threw a boot at his head.

But Lingard wasn’t upset – in fact, the England star knew in that moment that Fergie was a fan.


The Scottish boss, who won 13 league titles and the Champions League twice at Old Trafford, had told Lingard that he would make it – but he’d have to wait until he was 22 or 23-years-old to do it.

Indeed, Lingard became convinced ‘The Main Man’, as his grandad referred to Sir Alex, liked him after he got a flying boot to the head.

Not in anger, as when David Beckham inadvertently coped for it, but as a sign of affection.

The Manchester United forward told the Players’ Tribune: "I’ll never forget this one day, I was still at the academy, and I was walking the corridors at Carrington.

"I think maybe I was having a bad day, to be honest. I was in my head. So I’m just walking the halls, and all of a sudden I feel a boot clip the back of me head.

"Thwack. Proper thwack. I turn around, like, ‘bloody . . . who done that?’

"And it’s Sir Alex, and he’s got a little smirk. He says, ‘how you beehavin’, bwoy?’

"He knew what it meant to do something like that.


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